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Connecting people and businesses to create solutions for insurance providers, insureds, and service providers.

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Complete Protection
We provide insurance solutions to the entire industry, whether you are the insurance company supplying the coverage, the broker placing the coverage, or the insured receiving the applied coverage.

Connecting Businesses
We work to mirror the correct players including loss control and risk management. In the event of a loss we assist in providing the correct vendor to provide a solution to your event.

Fire Scene Investigation
Our network connection with private, local, and state entities helps us provide expertise in fire cause and origin investigations. We work with various providers to ensure you have your property inspected and investigated by certified firms.

Water Remediation
We work with full service disaster and restoration specialists to properly complete water extraction and structural drying with a certified desiccant technology manufacturer. We can do disaster restoration, project consulting, training, or equipment rental.

Construction Estimation
Whether you are searching for someone to prepare an estimate of damages, perform on site claim management, property loss inspections, roof inspections, or a general clerk of the works, we can provide you with the expertise to accomplish these tasks.

Global Experience
After 35 years in the industry we provide insight prior to, during, and after a loss event. Serving a major insurer in helping to provide quality in the product helps us identify areas where lost time can be minimized by using the correct players throughout the process.

Insurance claims solutions don’t have to be inefficient.

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Why You Should Use QRM

When you experience a loss or disaster, you need quick and responsible access to the experts that can help you deal with these tragedies. We’re prepared to work quickly and diligently to save you time and money in your reconstruction process.

  • Ethical, Honest, Accountable
  • Dependable and Trustworthy
  • Experienced Global Risk Management
  • Responsive with Quick Turnaround

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Martin E. Lee, CEO

My number one priority is to help you save money by reducing inefficiency in dealing with a major loss. I am a dedicated insurance claims management executive with extensive experience in investigations, loss control, claimant interaction, cost estimating, international re-inspection, and more.

My background in law enforcement and security and state and local levels combines with my insurance industry experience to give me a unique perspective on major loss control issues. I’ll utilize a vast background and a proven track record of successful leadership to assure the long-lasting prosperity of your organization.

During my time as Vice President of Commercial Property Claims for the world’s largest insurer, I led my team to reduce on average claims payments by $6.5 million per year. I bring that expertise and creativity to solving loss issues as effectively and efficiently as possible.

My team and I place the highest priority on reaching customer, claimant, and vendor objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner. Your satisfaction is our goal.

“I worked with Martin to transition a US-based re-inspection group to the UK. This project was a resounding success and continues to be a unique role and service offering within the UK insurance market. Martin was pivotal in ensuring the transition was successful and conducted himself with integrity, passion, and always with the customer in mind. His claims, independent adjusting as well as risk management/mitigation knowledge is second to none.”

Dean Bin-Matt

“Martin reinspected the work of the field adjusters in my territory. I enjoyed working with Martin and found his work to be detailed, professional and of high quality. I appreciated the fact that he took the time to keep me informed of his findings and followed up with the field adjusters when discrepancies were discovered. He also looked for trends and made meaningful recommendations. “

Michael Bowler, VP – Head of Claims
Ariel Specialty Insurance Managers

“Over years of working together I found Martin Lee to be professional and extremely knowledgeable. His ability to analyze a claim and identify areas of inefficiency, improper assessment and other serious issues was second only to his ability to bring parties together to find mutually beneficial solutions. Martin is a person of absolute integrity, willing to take and support a position based on the facts and evidence.”

Mark Handy, VP – Commercial Property & Energy Claims

Let me show you how Quality Risk Management can help your business.      Call Now:

Let me show you how Quality Risk Management can help your business.

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